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Monday, July 16, 2018

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What We Do? Why we exist?



The Claiborne County School District has as its Mission to provide high quality education, to promote a safe and conducive learning environment, and to prepare students to meet the challenges of a global society.  A vital part of our Mission is to establish a safe and conducive learning environment, which reflects the positive values, needs and ambitions of our community.

Where Do We Want To Be



The Claiborne County School District has as its reason for existence the maintenance of ensuring as essential curriculum that reflects the needs and values of all stakeholders while maintaining a financially sound system.

What We Believe In? Core Beliefs


1. Laser-like focus on all student

2. Excellence

3. Integrity

4. Transparency and accountability

5. Equity

6. Dynamic and quality Leadership

7. Healthy, Safety and Security

8. Respect for individuality of all stakeholders

9. Strong school board and Superintendent Relationship

10. Sound Fiscal Management

What we want to accomplish?


1. To provide strong, highly effective instructional leadership.

2. To provide a safe school environment that enables students' success.

3. To increase student achievement.

4. To increase graduation rate.

5. To maintain financial stability.

404 Market Street | PO Box 337 | Port Gibson, MS 39150 | 601-437-4232